Ship your native Mobile App with our Launch Service

Release a mobile App for your startup in one month by combining App Rail and our consultants with clear, project-based pricing.

Focus on differentiation

Avoid wasting your funds on redesigning login screens, forms or buttons. Combine 40+ prebuilt components in order to quickly create your App, then use remaining time to iterate. Extend the platform where you require native integration or differentiated user interface components.

“If its not unique to your business, you shouldn't be spending time on it.”

Matt Brooke-Smith, Founder & CEO, Future Workshops
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Leverage our experience

Work with our team to go from idea to finished product in under a month. We've built hundreds of Apps over 10+ years, and you can benefit from this knowledge by combining App Rail with our consultancy teams.

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Launch Service

The fastest, most efficient process to release your startup's native mobile App.

  • 1 x iOS App, 1x Android App
  • Go-live on App Store and Play Store
  • Production webservices, database and hosting
  • 1x Annual maintenance and updates
  • 1x Annual App Rail access
  • Weekly sprint reviews
  • Design oversight
  • Project Management
  • QA Testing
  • Clear pricing

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