Blog Post How to increase ROI for Enterprise Apps

It's not uncommon for enterprise mobile app projects to have low ROI. Here are some tips on how to increase the ROI of your next project.

1. Understand your goal

Have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve with the App before building anything.

If you are improving or digitising an existing process you already have a baseline. How many times is the process being performed today? How long does it take? How often is the process completed partially or incorrectly?

This will help you to shape the direction of your project and evaluate its success.

2. Keep it simple

Keep your App simple - too many features can be overwhelming for any user, so focus on one thing at time and add other features later.

List your features in a table, and ask questions for each feature. Is this feature required in order to achieve my goal? Does this feature depend on the success of another feature in order to be useful?

Taking a critical approach to this questions will help you to build and release your application quickly.

3. Focus on the UX

To make your App better, you need to test the features with real people. This will help you find confusing flows or bottlenecks. Then iterate the user experience of these features.

You should do this before spending time on how your App looks or what the user interface is like. You can change those things once your product has been validated.

4. Use analytics

If you are not measuring your mobile analytics correctly, you will miss out on a huge opportunity to maximise the value of your mobile App.

Releasing mobile apps that can be measured is a great first step for your company to achieve ROI from mobile. The next steps are using those measurements to make decisions and iterating on those products to improve.

5. Keep Iterating!

Releasing early, measuring, iterating and releasing again is a proven method of achieving better ROI with your Enterprise Mobile App projects. App Rail has been designed with to make it super simple to follow these guidelines so you can be more successful.