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Get into Golf – A slick, content-driven app to encourage take-up in golf

We developed the Get Into Golf app with Golf Ireland to help encourage more people into the game, increase membership and boost beginners’ confidence.

Why it’s crucial that we empower employees to innovate

Look at any NHS Trust’s digital strategy and it’s likely to highlight the importance of empowering employees and unlocking innovation. But what does this mean in practice and how can Trusts get it right?

What is design thinking and how does it work alongside no-code?

Design thinking is a methodology that puts users at the heart of product development. It takes a creative approach that involves an element of spontaneity, as decisions are made as you go, not plotted out in full at the start of the project.

The benefits of using design thinking in app development

In our last blog we asked the question, what is design thinking and how does it work alongside no-code? Here we continue with the theme of design thinking, looking at the benefits of using this methodology when developing apps, and how we’ve used it with our customers.

How can no-code apps help police departments meet their goals?

Regional police departments are investing more resources and money into their digital strategies and setting some bold goals on how to implement digital solutions. So how can no-code help?

SpeakUp – No-code anonymous concern reporting for NHS staff

Find out how UHCW NHS Trust developed SpeakUp – a tool that gives NHS staff the chance to raise concerns quickly, easily and in confidence – using no-code.

Six ways that no-code is improving sustainable innovation in the NHS

Sustainable innovation is all about developing tech that delivers long lasting value for money, and is easy to justify and maintain. In NHS Trusts, the relationship between innovation and IT can get in the way of achieving these aims.

How does DTAC impact innovation in the NHS?

The NHS is a highly regulated organisation that prioritises transparency and compliance in everything it does. Nowhere is this more important than in digital development, where issues of security, privacy and risk management are especially critical.

How can no-code platforms help NHS trusts?

No-code software development is shaking up the process of app-building. Put simply, it offers an approach where you can build apps with little or no coding involved.

How to increase ROI for Enterprise Apps

It's not uncommon for enterprise mobile app projects to have low ROI. Here are some tips on how to increase the ROI of your next project.