Encourage A Positive Culture With Freedom To Speak Up

The SpeakUp platform enables reporting of suggestions and concerns for NHS Trusts via an anonymous App and reporting platform.

SpeakUp Chat

“The app has been welcomed by staff, especially those who don't traditionally use computers in their day-to-day jobs and wouldn't email the Guardian or ambassadors.”

Developed by FTSU Experts

The SpeakUp platform was built by UHCW Trust using the App Rail platform. The Trust guardian was closely involved in every stage of the development and testing of the platform, providing insight and guidance.

See how it works

The SpeakUp App can be downloaded for iOS or Android devices before raising suggestions or concerns via an anonymous questionnaire. The concern appears on a web-based dashboard accessed by the guardian who can assign the item to a volunteer.

Colleagues can also access Freedom To SpeakUp information and guides.

NHS Trust? You can license SpeakUp.